TI MARINE is a company that provides leading ship management and maritime services

  • At TI MARINE, our crew is the foundation of our success. We take full control of our crew’s quality from end to end, providing a level of equality and ethics that is highly valued and recognized by our crew.
  • As a result, we are confident in their unmatchable performance.
  • Our fleet is diverse, with a balanced distribution of vessels.
  • We strive to bring top-notch project knowledge and high expectations for all vessel segments and types, including hi-tech assets.
  • Transparency is key at TI MARINE, and we ensure that there are no unpleasant surprises for our customers.
  • We maintain exceptional communication with our customers/partners, fully disclosing all costs and potential issues.
  • With a solid financial position, TI MARINE is a strong ally for our customers and partners.
  • As a “one-stop shop” in the maritime industry, we offer various services to help our customers find a partner, not just a supplier.